Custom Star Trek Car Stickers

Every now and then we all want to reveal a little more about ourselves and our hobbies. You want everyone to know that you are a Star Trek fan? What you need: Foil stickers to plot for your car.

StarTrek-Autoaufkleber_V2 Download the files here.

Any company that does vehicle labelling should be able to cope with this data. The file formats are: Adobe Illustrator, Pdf and Wmf. You can of course also use the whole thing as a template to cut out yourself or for window colours.

I would recommend sticking the stickers on the windows. Although professional films protect the paintwork, it is in the nature of things that a sticker does not fade it in the same way as the rest of the bodywork. An outline would then remain visible on removal. The service life of the stickers is extended if they are applied inside, where the material is protected from wind, weather and rear window wipers.

My old Shuttle

As you can see from the photos, it was an Opel Vectra B. After having a communicator made of window colours in the rear window for a long time, I glued a Starfleet emblem made of gold metallic foil on the inside. I also stuck a smaller version with a ring on the boot lid. However, thanks to a rear-end collision, a similar Opel emblem later appeared there. I think the end result certainly looked cool. The shuttle was taken out of service in August 2009.

auto1 auto2 auto3 auto4 auto5

Photos by other “stickers”

I would be very happy if you would send me the photos of your decorated car that has been covered with my templates. I will gladly publish them on my homepage. Of course I will make number plates and so on unrecognisable. Naming or linking to your own homepage on request.


LtTomParis2000 has modified my first Federation sticker and stuck it on his car. For the current version (V2) of the sticker set, I have reproduced this version. Perhaps just the thing for those who need a bit more visibility to the rear.


Janeways Sister

Janeways Sister has allowed herself a communicator sticker for her speedster.


Stefan “Dux” Holthaus

Stefan liked the Communicator and the Federation2 symbol. And he has a few tips up his sleeve:

“The UFP logo is 30 by 24 cm! (Note: LtTomParis2000s version) The Voyager Communicator is 19 by 16 cm! Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding about the size of the communicator. If you want to have stickers put on your car, please tell them EXACTLY how big you want it. I actually wanted it bigger so that it would fit in the whole windscreen, but I think it looks good like this. [...] The stickers are adhesive on the inside, so make sure they mirror them properly.

Thanks again to Astro and LtTomParis for the help and the vector files. Thank you!!!! [...] And if anyone sees the car in Saxony-Anhalt or Lower Saxony, you can give me a nice wave!

I think its super cool!!!!!!!!

Kind regards Dux

Dux1_big Dux2_big Dux3_big


Merenwen7 has had the Federation2 symbol printed on transparent film. An alternative to conventional plotting.

merenwen7_1_big merenwen7_2_big merenwen7_3_big merenwen7_4_big merenwen7_5_big


Stefan decided in favour of the Federation2 and Starfleet emblems. He tells us himself how he came to this decision with almost no internet access:

[...] that was a funny story. Stefan ”Dux“ parked his Citroën, decorated with Star Trek stickers, in front of the house where my father has his office.

Full of enthusiasm, I crept round his car :-)

After a while Stefan thought I was from the public order office hihi Well, thats how we got talking. I got the link to your site from him.

stefan1_big stefan2_big stefan3_big stefan4_big


Peggy has fitted her Golf with a Federation rear sticker and is also advertising the OSTFC.



Django-UN shows us that car stickers can also be used for completely different things. For his home, he has embellished his mirror and a table with the Federation2 sticker as a decorative motif.

django-un1_big django-un2_big django-un3_big django-un4_big

Thank you

Thank you for your photos and have fun with the stickers!


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